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So you want to help. What do you do? "If you are considering helping someone with dementia to participate in an election, and they have registered to vote, in most cases there are only two real guidelines to keep in mind.

"After reminding the person that Election Day is nearing, ask whether he or she would like to vote."

If the answer is no, you are done.

If the answer is yes, then "you may read the voter the ballot choices, if he or she cannot read them, but cannot provide additional information or interpretation, although discussions before voting begins are permitted.

“Ask them their choices and see if they answer,” ... “If they do, they vote.”

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Hey, whatever works for you. I'm happy.

Years ago I used to work for a lady with dementia. She said she just always voted for the one who was cuter 😁. I was in my 20s and I thought it was hilarious she tried to get me to tell her which one I thought was cute. I told her being they are 70 and I’m 20...none? 😁

Ms. Randall, thanks for sharing with a citation.   This issue is a critical one, especially for this election, and has also been raised in connection with ballot harvesting:
These are good issues of which caregivers need to be aware.

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