It seems that so many of us are exhausted and totally drained!
We're caring for others that can't care for themselves and frankly don't realize the burden we carry while caring for them.
So I think it's time to try to find/extend some positive vibes!
I spoke with my Aunt today. Same conversation as usual, however today I told her once again how much I love her and how important she has been to me. She was so thrilled to hear it! We both cried happy tears!
My Mom was finally able to go see her new Doctor after moving here in January! She really liked her! That's the first positive thing I have heard our of her mouth in months!
Please share anything positive to help lift up someone else!
God bless!!

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Xray, that is good news! It's Amazing how Stress can really affect our lives, even when people are not our responsibility, we worry about them and the stress can eat you up inside. I'm glad your cousin is getting assistance!

I have a new friend here in my 55 and older community and while I've only known her a few months, I've really gotten to like and care about her. She has cancer, and has Chemo every 3 weeks, and while she has only shared just a little about her situation, I have come to be very fond of her, and I worry so much, because she has little family, few friends and her medical issues have been made so much more difficult due to Covid19.

I am trying to be of any assistance to her, made more difficult with Covid19!!!, Grrrr, I call, and offer to get her groceries, but I truly feel bad that I can't do more, partially due to my own health issues. Still I am very happy to have this new friend, she a hoot and we enjoy many of the same things! She's a lot of fun!

My cousin who I had to get a restraining order against (mentally ill), was in a homeless shelter. I discovered thru my Aunts friend it was closed down. And although he's not my responsibility, I still worry about him living under a bridge!
My Aunts friend was at an Ace hardware. (He has been periodically checking on my cousin.) He was talking to the clerk. A man behind him asked if he knew my cousin? Apparently this man recognized his voice.
Turns out he's my cousins social worker. They had never met!
My cousin is in a different shelter.
He is now receiving SSI and this guy is trying to get my cousin into a home for mentally ill patients.
Praise God, my cousin has 3 hots and a cot with money to boot!!

It is a true miracle drug. My Dh has had 14 more years in which 13 of our grandchildren were born--so, yeah, this was a pretty big deal.

Miracles do happen!!
Thanks for sharing!!
God bless!


My Dh had to have a liver transplant due to liver cancer from Hep C. 14 years ago this year.

he did 84 weeks of chemo afterwards and the HCV came back.

Harvoni CURED him, and will cure your hubby!! It's truly a miracle drug! And--for my hubby? Zero side effects! Good Luck!

That's awesome!!

I saw my aunt the other day. She smiled at me when I took my mask off :) When I left, I told her I love her, and she said it back to me too :)

Great news Rustybear!!
Thanks for sharing!

one of my husband's doctor's called last week for him to start his meds for his Hep C.   It was called off due to the coronavirus.  We are so happy to get that started.

God Bless!

Be Safe!

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