Only for patients who are mentally sound and diagnosed with 6 months to live.. Must get 2 doctors prognosis with a written request from patient and 2 oral requests for lethal drug 15 days apart...

If it was me who was terminally ill, I would take it..

What about you???

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I'm all for it. Ive watched soooo many people go through h3ll and back with tortuous treatments for terminal illness that at best may extend life a short while. If I were younger maybe I would also, but not at my age.

We've had this in Oregon for quite some time - the first state to make it legal to end terminal suffering. In general I am very anti suiside but I do very much support this option for mentally sound, terminally ill individuals. My parents had a number of friends who chose this route. One was a man with brain cancer, another a woman with stage four lung cancer. In both cases their own children were fully supportive of the decision. One never knows how it would be until it actually happens to them - but I have to say, I believe I would also go this route and save my family and myself months of suffering.

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