Burnout anyone?

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Absolutely and totally burned out... My Dad has ALS and has lived with us for a while now. This disease only gets worse. He can communicate, but not easily. He hasn't tried to ask about anyone or anything going on in my life, only what he wants at that moment. ( I'm the help) I think he gave up a long time ago. We take great care of him and refused to put him in a home. Here recently though whilst taking good care of him and doing all the same things I do with him on a daily, I find myself numb and wanting to care but I just don't anymore. I feel like I'm attending to a corpse. I don't feel guilty either. I'm not heartless, in fact I would say this is an emotional first for me. I can't imagine the personal hell he's going through in there ( ALS doesn't usually effect the mind), but I'm out here in the real world with my life on hold, feeling like a part of myself is dying with him.

I meant to say positively.

Yes, just flat out tired!

Mincemeat, I wasn't aware of your father's passing. Please accept my late condolences on your loss.

As to me, I'd say I'm recovering from being burned out, still smolder a bit, but rush forward back to being whole when I go outside and commune with nature, and especially with the blossoming flowers, as well as when I make progress moving forward in managing the trust assets.

Yes. Burnt to a crisp. Tired of endless problems that arise, tired of nothing ever really getting better, feeling anxiety just visiting my mom with her endless complaints about the latest issue and her repeated questions over and over, tired of the heartbreak seeing my father try to care for her, tired of feeling guilty, tired of nothing resolving and tired of it consuming my energy and thoughts to the point I feel I never really enjoy much of anything anymore.


Yes, Maam! Not to whine because it is over for me. I have not had it as hard as many on this board. My father passed away one month ago. After powering up for putting on a funeral and all the drama that goes with.......I am a sorry smoldering burnt up crispy piece of charcoal.

I usually like to think that now is the time for me and I can somehow live life for me from here on forward.....but it is hard to find the energy to march on.

Come on here to vent....it has been very theraputic for me over the past few years.

My only advice is to not let it destroy you....find some joy somewhere....and learn to take care of your self too. Give us more details on your burnout.