I am very worried about my brother. He is taking care of mom and I believe he is back to smoking meth and he is in charge, help!!

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Smoking and possession of meth is a crime. I suspect he has been busted before and maybe on probation? Call the authorities about your suspicion. Do you have proof?

In addition, call Adult Protective Services and tell them the suspected suspicions.

Are you 100% sure he's back to drug use and using mom's funds? If so, contact adult protective agency. Contact senior service center for help in taking over poa or guardianship of you mother. After you get guardianship or poa, evict brother, set up new accounts for her, freeze her credit so he can not open accounts in her name. Inform all healthcare providers that you are now responsible for her care and revoke any "rights" brother had as far as refilling scripts etc. If you are having major concerns have police do a wellness check on her. Explain the situation to them, how do you know she is being fed appropriately or meds given correctly? If you cannot give her daily support or care, she may need to be placed in an appropriate care facility for her own safety and wellbeing. Her protection is of the upmost importance. The courts can get involved and brother may be ordered to pay restitution. This is not something to play with, he has his demons, take care of her, love her by protecting her.

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