My Mom started with a hoarse voice then it moved down as bronchitis along with an extremely runny nose. She is in a Home and after much pushing on my part they finally got her physician to look at her and give her a breathing treatment. She's also on antibiotics and Musinex and has been for about a week. She seemed to be coming around and just today the Home took her to the Hospital and she ended up getting 2 bags of blood. She has been feeling awful with this bronchitis but the blood transfusion was a shock. Does the bronchitis cause anemia - or does this just occur in the elderly?

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Cmor, how is everything going with your mom? Had she had a recovery, is she feeling.any better?. Please let us know, we are all thinking about you. Best wishes.

Cmor, bronchitisis a pulmonary issue, while anemia is generally a blood issue resulting from low hemoglobin levels, although from what I've read there can be various types and causes of anemia.

I wouldn't even know if a pulmonary issue can cause anemia - this is a question for a medical professional. But they're treated differently, as you saw with the transfusion. Your mother is probably going to feel weak for a few days if she really is anemic. The "home" must have been monitoring her blood levels to have discovered that they were so low she needed a transfusion.

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