Brand new caregiver just quit after one day alone with my dad.

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Says she can't stand the smell of urine in the house. What the h*ll? I think she took one look at his toilet yesterday and said no way. Umm aren't these professionals that are supposed to help with hygene, diapering if needed assistance to toileting etc? What are we paying for? I had to clean the entire house myself the day after she was there? Am I dreaming? Do in-home caregivers not know how to help the incontinent? So upset beyond words.


anyone ??? thoughts ??
You found one that doesn't. When you interview the next one..bring all this up. Don't surprise them with the whole mess straight off.

You might ask the agency to screen them in advance for you. 

My Dad had explosive diarrhea in the care givers car the very first morning.   She didn't come back either.     No way I could have foreseen that.  

ok katiekate,, thank you for making me laugh today ,, (hope you don't mind that I got a chuckle out of that) ,,, That will give me direction when I call them tomorrow. What blew my mind is that this was the 3rd time the girl had been in the house ,, don't you think she would have noticed that right away ??? sheesh
Yes CNAs should be used to this.
whats a CNA?
Certified nursing assistant.
Home Health Aide
It is really going to depend on what the job description was going into this. The fact she contacted you directly makes me wonder if you hired through a caregiving agency? Even if you hired this person through an agency if his needs are greater than you told them then she was not expecting this, they probably have other employees that are more willing and experienced in providing that level of care.
Didgens, I agree with cwille above, it all depends on the job description.

I used caregivers from a professional Agency and the contracted stated they can do "light" housekeeping when time permits. No way would I expect the caregiver to take care of my Dad AND clean the house.

If the budget can handle this, hire a weekly cleaning crew to come to the house.
I use to hire staff for a program that worked with children and young adults with disabilities - the larger percentage being in diapers.

When I described the job responsibilities I was very upfront and honest about the bathrooming. Even when they said they were okay with it I took it a little further- kind of a worst case scenario  thing.

There is no point in being anything but completely honest when it comes to this subject - cause they're gonna find out soon enough and having it come as a surprise is even worse.

The caregivers that my parents had were all from two different agencies. As others have described the housekeeping duties were secondary to the care of the person and was to be of the "light" variety.  But generally we were lucky as the two main caregivers - who were both full time employees - liked to "keep busy" as they put it and they did a lot of extra stuff. Still - neither did the work of  a housekeeper- nor was that expected. 
I see ,, well,,, she did not contact me directly the "Company" did ,, and today we talked it out, They understand that I have an incontinent 90 year old that I need help with. I also contacted his doctor and they are going to send a Social Worker (hopefully) I will find out Friday. I feel like I need to take a month off of work just to get this all figured out. I did have to apologize to her because I thought my dad was making it to the toilet to pee .. apparently he's been hiding a bucket under a blanket .. AHHHHH... well thank you all again ,, this site has saved my life,,, its such a knowledgeable community ,, I would be lost without you

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