In case any of you are taking care of a person with bowel incontinence and didn't know this: I was with my mother at the doctor yesterday discussing her urinary incontinence and the doctor told me that a device my mother had implanted, called Interstim also works well with bowel incontinence. (My mother's device has stopped working - they need to have the internal batteries replaced by a doctor every few years and that's the next step for her).

Anyway, I didn't know that Interstim also works for bowel incontinence and I though those of you who are dealing with that issue might want to check into it. It works by stimulating the sacral nerves - that's the limit of my knowledge and expertise with it.

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My mother had better experience with anal sphincter bulking urogyncentersf/treatment-care/gynecological-care/minimally-invasive-procedures/fecal-incontinence-procedures/anal-sphincter-bulking-solesta

Oh yes. It's quite exciting. I can see how someone would like to be evaluated to see if they would be a good candidate for this device. Here's a link about it.


Wow, I had never heard of this device Carla. It sounds like a wonderful option for the younger or more cognizant people with incontinence!

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