Mother, never has been constipated. Last night (am) we get up early. She stayed in bathroom for hrs. I thought must have trouble going. I asked If she was ok she said yes. Then when hubby & I got up hrs later she was still in bathroom. I said I am coming in Door was locked. She said she couldn't get up. I unlocked door she was stuck to to seat! Next time I will Open door and check sooner. My fault. I usually do good caring for mom. NEVER take it for granted after hrs in bathroom they r ok. She has early stage dementia. and 90. Gave her prune juice. Pat

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May not be constipation.Those with dementia often go off into a world of their own and forget where they are or why.
My mother did this brushing her teeth.After 20 minutes I asked if she was trying to remove the enamel!
Now I time everything, check everything.

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