Mom has RA, Alz & Central Sleep Apnea. Machine's alarm constantly sounding & she can't adjust mask. The RA has left her hands with extremely poor dexterity. The Alz overshadows her problem solving sense. The pressure settings on her Bi-Pap are on the high side so she doesn't tolerate nose-only masks. We've gone through a plethora of masks. I've given up on the folks that fit her for masks. Of course the anatomy of her face poses its own problems. So, after trying 3, I finally found the best fitting mask for her. At first the straps that hold it on posed a problem. She'd get everything tangled trying to get them around her head. So, I found a "cap" that fits on her head like a swimming cap...only it's breathable material with straps that connect to the mask...She can manage getting it on herself. Lack of dexterity and hand/eye coordination deficits makes adjusting the mask independently almost impossible. So, I have the best fitting mask I can find, found the best headgear for the mask, I can get her all snugly into her mask...Then she lays down and for the ensuing hours the machine's alarm is constantly going off because of air leakage due to a change in position. She can't sleep like a mummy, she can't figure out how or what changes/adjustments to make. I even have meet with an occupational therapist to see if they could come up with something. They looked at me like I was an alien. Don't they craft adaptive equipment? If only I could modify a snorkle mask. Those at least seem to seal pretty well & they're a heck of a lot easier to work with. Sorry for the list of what I've tried. I thought I'd see if anyone has any tricks I haven't thought of?!?!

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I'm sorry to admit this, but I am joining the OT in looking at you like your are an alien. Well, not you so much as the doctor who expects a Bi-Pap machine to be suitable for a person with dementia.

I use one myself. There is absolutely no way I would expect my mother or my husband (both with dementia) to be able to use this device.

Go back to the doctor who prescribed this and seek an alternate solution.

(Alien or not, I really do admire your perseverance and dedication in trying to solve this. That it is not working is in no way your fault!)

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