great at 91, and her mind is as clear as a bell. I think part of it is that she is still working and seems to be very active. On the other hand, I think some people just assume that since they are getting older that it is time to shut down, and act "old". I think a positive attitude and keeping busy can make a huge difference in the way a person ages.

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Whitney, I really agree with you about attitude and staying active. I look at my 83 year old aunt and her 92 year old boyfriend. They've been blessed with relatively good health and they realize how fortunate they are. These two are on the go everyday, all day. They always have a smile and a kind word. They are a joy to be around! Her phone never stops ringing because she reaches out to family and friends offering her love. She takes what life has blessed her with and runs with it. No acting old for her. Her best friend is her positive attitude. She is my inspiration!

I agree. I think we have to continue to stimulate our mind and body in order for it to function correctly. I'm sure that sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent illness, but attitude does make a big difference.

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