Hello- I am new to this site. Here is a little information about my/our situation: My father is in early stages of alzheimers with symptoms including forgetfulness, agitation, anger outbursts, odd behaviors. My husband, teenage daughter and I reside with him. We've recently realized that my father cannot be left alone for any period of time because of safety risks because of things like he put towels in the oven and tried to light his spoon thinking it was his cigarette. This past week we had an incident where he became angry and tried to bodily move me when I attempted to intervene when he was taking all the food out of the refridgerator. He was very remorseful afterwards, but it was still a very scary situation and lends question to how quickly his illness is progressing. I made a committment to him that I would keep him at home and I want to honor this, but also realize at the same time that I can't put myself and my family in danger. I'm obviously very overwhelmed and worried and not sure where to turn for help. Any information about what services might be available for him as a vet or to us as his caregivers, including where I might get support in learning how to deal with him would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely..Rachel

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