You know this was fabulous. It was.

But if your LO has ALZ, dementia of any sort -- vascular, FTD, LBD, etc. --you have been dealt a whole different hand of cards. One plays the hand they are dealt. No?

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Yes, the least bad choice is absolutely true. This is a book wort reading, and yes, I second, that is is freeing.

For me, the book was about realizing that there are no " good" or "right" choices at the end of life, in dementia or in any other end-stage illness. There is no more "fixing". There are only choices between bad, worse, and terrible. You are left trying to decide the "least bad" choice.

For me, that was very freeing.

It's been a while since I've read the book, but for me the take away was to accept our mortality and to try to find the way to live as fully as possible without losing sight of that reality, it's about choosing how to balance quality and quantity - I think that acknowledgement of this ultimate truth is essential no matter what your age and diagnosis.

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