My wife was in a memory care facility, and I had just come home from some major surgery, and needed help. During the time that I had help, six different care givers came to be available if I needed help. When I felt well enough to move to an assisted living facility, I checked dresser drawers to see if everything was as it should be. My wife's 70 year old engagement and wedding rings were gone. Only 6 people had been involved in my care. One of the six ended up with some fairly valuable items.

No, I am not one of those people who have negative thoughts about care givers. In fact, I have provided some very positive comments to directors of the facilities that my wife and I have stayed in.

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That's terribly sad. You were in your own home at the time, and people were coming to the house to be on hand?

Did you pursue any enquiries about this?

It’s a good idea not to let people take valuables into a facility. If your home is basically a bit like a facility with people coming and going, you need to think just as carefully about security. My MILs wedding and engagement rings were taken off her fingers! A man came into the facility just after she went there, and asked for her by name. The staff assumed he was another family member. MIL thought that he asked to look at the rings, she didn’t know why or who he was. She was totally unsuspicious at the time, and confused about it afterwards. We came to the conclusion that it was probably the partner of one of carers who had been visiting her at home and knew all the details of where she had gone. My sister also had several hundred dollars stolen when BIL was dying and being nursed at home in round-the-clock shifts, definitely by a carer. Access to everything is so easy in these circumstances that the temptations must be enormous. We know nothing about these people, but are under a lot of pressure at the time to think the best of them. You may not need a safe, but you should at least make it harder. My mother said it was a sin to put temptation in people's way.

People should just know better not to touch other peoples things. I didn't ask anyone to rummage through my drawers and closets. I was stupid to think everyone is nice and not scrounging around looking for the loot.

My best friend and her husband have heavy duty safes in their home, they are very nice looking. Another family I know, have their safe under cement and well hidden, never told a soul about it. Now that is safe.

I had a customer when I worked for a bank, bragging about the safe he was installing in his house.. REally? You are actually telling someone you are installing a safe? I told him the best kept safe, is the safe that nobody knows about...

He stopped talking about it....
Wouldn't that be nice if we could just not worry about these things, especially when we are caring for a loved one....If you stop and think... WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT, THIS EARTH IS GETTING SMALLER AND SMALLER and we need to all understand and get along...


But don't let your guard down... :(

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