Up until about a week ago, my MIL would 'relate' to her environment: I say that only because she has now started rejecting me to staggering around the house (cursing my name for for not having set the table) until she falls, then shouting for me. GET UP HERE, NOW! I feel like I'm going down the gates of H*ll with her. Her teeth hurt [ she won't go to dentist); she has a constant headaches (allergies): and her bones ache (arthritis). She has avoided doctor visits for some years now and slaps away any meds (like a Tylenol for pain).[ and I do mean slaps] . . she has determined everyone is trying to kiil her -- albeit she still eats HoneyBuns and coffee. It is going deeper. I am afraid to go grocery shopping in case she falls. Today she had this fixation that the family was coming for dinner and since she didn't feel well I should take over well almost. JeeZ. No one has been for dinner for 10 years. The family has no money .. . . what can I do?

I am literally sitting around waiting for her to get up so I can rescue her. And get slapped for it. I expect the slap. But I do need to go the bathroom and take a shower.

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She has anxiety and depression. Get her meds for that or pretty soon you will need them for yourself.

does she actually have a diagnosis of a narcissist or are you just loose with your wording? baker act her or whatever term your state uses and tell the facility to give her a big shot of anti-psychotic in her a**.

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