My mother as dementia
My brother as POA I trusted him at first but he now treats me like dirt
He put mum in one of his houses and tell me I can only stay one night a week so much more
But I'm on here because his son is stealing from her I have been to s/s I have been to office of public guardian and on there advise I went to the police
And waited an hour only to be told that I can not prove he as used my mums account for buying things without her permission
She is vulnerable with dementia so how can this man get away with it
And his father that as POA that just took mum to sign papers giving him poa before she was diagnosed with it then 4 months later was diagnosed we all knew mum had this
His son steals from her on a weekly basis and gets away with it
So what is the point of reporting it
No one does anything
So having dementia is not enough anyone can steal from anyone with dementia it's just a wast of your time trying to get justice

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