The beds that were available were taken. I spoke to her last Monday and she said she would fax it that day. I called Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I finally reached her on Friday and by that time the beds were gone so I call around on Friday I found one in network nursing home with a couple beds and another nursing home suggested that I have a referral sent to them also the nursing home that we lost his bed at said to still fax the referral she did finally fax the referral and we will be able to transfer my fil Thursday the Medicare 20 th day. So his advantage will pay for the rest of his rehabilitation but my question is we lost out on a nursing home that’s right by our house and then all the calls and what if another bed didn’t become available I did nothing wrong I followed all the steps and I kept calling the social worker to get the referral done do any of you have any suggestions on what I should do. Should I report the situation to someone if so who if my father in law would have had to leave Thursday because we cannot afford the 167.50 coinsurance and if everything would have been completely done we wouldn’t have to pay because his Dean plan pays for in network they should have had to pay for another week the nursing home. The nursing home we were going to if the referral had been done when they said it would be was right down the street. We are not happy at all with how this nursing home conducted business and the care is not the best they are understaffed and the rooms are so small

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So sorry for your situation. Hoping someone with more info will chime in.

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