I'm not sure why, but I felt like writing about this. So I hope it helps someone out there to keep their perspective during the rough patches.

Whenever I have a bad day or am feeling frustrated with life and my lot in it, I try to remember the other people in this world who have it worse off and remember that I am truly blessed. I have four wonderful children who have no health problems and who are incredibly thoughtful. The worst thing is a nut allergy. I have a husband who loves and supports me that I love with my whole being. I have food on the table and a roof over my head.
My sister has schizophrenia. She was diagnose thrfour years after whe was married, but had been showing symptoms for a while. Her husband has been fighting cancer. He couldn't take care of her. Her meds alone were $1000+ per month; not to mention his treatments. She was having terrible episodes that involved the police more often than not. It was terrible; I couldn't even recognize my sister any more. She was always seeing people who weren't there; becoming reclusive; and just down right paraniod. There was no help for them. My parents didn't have the funds, although they still sent as much as they could. None of our siblings had the funds to help, although we would all help when we could. My brother-in-law had a hard choice. The only way the state would provide assistance with her care was if she were not married. Not fair right? Who should have to make a choice like that? Well, he did. He divorced her. Now she gets the care she needs. I can see my sister again when we visit. The change is remarkable! And her husband takes her out almost every night and even picks her up to go to church. He even takes her out to visit his and our families. He hasn't mentioned anything about the cancer, but he looks wonderful. The stress isn't gone, but there is not near as much for him to deal with. I guess he was finally able to take care of himself. However, it is an ongoing battle with schizophrenia that we all know she will be fighting for her entire life. When I think of how frustrating, and terrible, and hard my life is; I think of my sister and what she has to deal with and struggle against every day. She is so strong. Would I be that strong under the same circumstances? I couldn't say. So I have a household of nine to take care of; and one of those has alzhiemers and another is 96; and four are under the age of 14, and two work hard, long hours. So it all falls on me, but I work hard and I know I am strong enough to handle it. I remember that I love everyone in this crazy household, even if I do have to clean pee out of the garbage can at least three times a Oh, how blessed I actually am. And how grateful I am for it. I love you all and I hope you will all have the strength you need in all of your struggles.

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I just read your message. Thank you for sharing with us about your sister and BIL. Your plate is full, but it sounds like your heart is even more full. I hope your sister is able to manage the schizophrenia so that her life can be as good as possible. Hugs to you.

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