My mother is getting to be dead weight 90% of the time transfering her from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet,etc. Standing her for even 3 minutes to bathe her private areas is getting impossible. Whats next? I tried rolling her in bed, shes too heavy and wont move. I am feeling a bit lost right now, any suggestions welcome. Even though she is late stage dementia, she is strong as can be resisting. I am wondering if she is becoming totally bedridden. TY

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Get a shower/bath chair for comfort and safety. Sounds like a home health assessment is needed for in-home support. Here are a tips-have bath items all set up prior to the shower for example soap, shampoo, towels...Be sure the water is not to cold or hot. Patients with dementia often see showers as threatening and uncomfortable, so try to be as calm as you can while assisting. Use a slow approach and let them know step by step what you are going to help with next. Use short statements like "now lets wash your face." For you and your families safety, maybe it is time to have a home health agency come in to help. Baths/showers can be one of the most challenging tasks for caring for a loved one. Good luck to you and your family.

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