My dad had a stroke last March. His wife of 20 years ,left him in June. She is the evilist person exsisting on earth. She has resurfaced in light of me getting my dad out of the nursing home and back to his home. She is now trying to get in the house before I get him home so she can keep him out and in a home. She is causing trouble everywhere. My daughter is leasing the house with her boyfriend who is the carpenter. He is taking care of all the work. I have a plumber lined up as well as a electrician. She is trying to put a stop on it. My father is not seeing the whole picture. Because of his stroke he no longer has cognitive thinking. He does have basic desciion makeing skills. he revoked his previous poa and health proxie who was is wife and I am now that for him and he wants to go home. She came her 5 weeks ago and put a restraining order on me to keep me away from the nursing home so that I cant call her out on her evil dealings with my dad. There is so much more but its late and im so tired that its starting to not make sense. If anyone is going through family that you had and thought was strong at one time and turned on you please share with me. If anyone is going through mind blowing behavior from their family please share.....

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