So back from trip while away had respite care set up my Mom and her husband kept canceling or sending the caregiver home I was getting phone calls like 4 times from case manager telling me want my Mom and step-dad were doing my Mom was complaining because they weren't cooking meals for my step dad when my Mom and step-dad already agree and understood the help was only for my Mom because she has Parkinson's they even sign the agreement paper before I left my Mom and is very manipulative now and in the past also she has always made many airy promises and my step-dad is right beside her she cry's if she doesn't get her way and he thinks I am rough on her I admit I loose my patients at times but she nags and won't stop and is at me when I am trying to do my job!! On top of it all I am crabby with my boyfriend for 21 years and ask him to do things and he tends to leave it to the last minute it frustrates me and I get upset with him well we had a argument and he call me some mean disrespectful names I am so upset just want to live on my own and get a regular job please don't misunderstand me I love my Mom and partner just really overwhelm could sure use some advice??

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It's all water under the bridge.. Just try to remember all the happy memories from your holiday!! I hope you have many!

I would have been tempted to disappear. No new advice, but wanted to say welcome back. :)

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