Hi some might remember, I wrote in last year seeking help. My mom was living in a very filthy home with two financial exploiters and she was given meth and other drugs to control her. The police and city condemned the house and took her to the hospital . She broke out many times and ended back with the men who got her on drugs and stayed in motel rooms and shelters. I tried taking care of her in my grandparents home mom had me fix and move into. These guys also destroyed and pawned my grandparents belongings off too. Mom lasted three days with me because when getting some clothes at her house she snuck some meth she had hidden. She took off from my house in her diapers and a shirt and the police and APS found her again with her exploiters and took her to the hospital and they held her 3 months until they found her a AFH where she’s been all along they watch her closely but she sneaks and talks to the worst exploiter and he is still controlling her. Her attorney is co trustee mom didn’t know this she thought he was successor trustee if something happened to me. I spent about 80 thousand of my savings and paid moms 4,000 dollars a month for rent this past year and cleaned and fixed her house. Her attorney and my attorney agreed to sell moms house because Medicaid wouldn’t help her until she sold one home. After I busted my but with hardly no help in a hazmat situation with rats and mice and mold because the city turned off power because these guys were braking in stealing, It was a mess. Just in garbage alone cost me 11 thousand and my husband works for the garbage company so that was a deal. Mom started calling police saying I was trying to kill her etc. we listed the house her attorney kept driving by all summer to see my progression and also her exploiters that live a block away now . We got a 5 year VAPO on them but this bad one evades the police. He’s never been served. He mails mom drugs and she had to be moved across the street because she attacked her roommate. Anyway after the house was listed her attorney wanted me to step down as POA and get his office to take over as funerary. I didn’t he insisted I take the house off the market immediately. Which I did mind you he’s the one that agreed we sell. Now he wants to get a reverse mortgage and send mom home he says since shes fine now after a visit with her. He’s only met my mom three times in his life . I know my mom isn’t okay she’s been saying me and my husband are using her assets and money to fix her house etc. he asked for records but it was my money that fixed it. So I was waiting for the sale and then going to turn everything in . But I did send him proof that it was my money. We ended up in court. I had him and his company attorney up against me and they were lying through there teeth. They were listening to my mom and didn’t talk to the home about how mom was doing or they would have found out she’s not as mindful as they think, the exploiters want her home and have brainwashed her into thinking I’m the one that stole from her. Mom also had me checked out by APS and checked him out but clears Both of us . I feel like I’m having a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. The judge told moms attorney that he wasn’t a doctor to determine her well enough to go home so he ordered her an evaluation and we go back in thirty days. Now if mom does go home I’m sure I’ll lose everything and have to move she will put this guy on as her POA she trusts him and is mad at me for not lifting the order on him. I had to throw her bed and a lot of stuff away she won’t understand that. She will go back on the drugs and the house I worked so hard on will be destroyed again. Her attorney has no care if moms put back in danger and if the family heirs end up losing both properties that’s all that’s left . He’s wanted my grandparents property for years it’s the only big piece of property left in the city and if mom runs out of the reverse mortgage money it will get sold then he can buy it.

I agree with Barb in Brooklyn. Your Mom has made her choices. You have done all you can. It is time now to move on and let all this go wherever it is going. Let go and Let God (an atheist myself, I can still say that in this case). You can do no more. It is time for you to free yourself from the torment your Mom has chosen for her life. So sorry. This is quite dreadful. You know it. We know it. And the whole world would agree, but not everything can be fixed, and you have done your best with this one. Move away and move on.

Ddenise, you sound so distraught, and I can understand why!

Your mom is an addict, and unless/until she seeks treatment, she will do anything she can to get her fix.

I think the best think to do is move on. Kind of "let go and let God"?

Is there an actual question you wish to ask?

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