One thing I've learned very quickly is that these places are to be avoided. Once signed in it's almost impossible to get out. You're best hope is walking out the door and accepting you no longer qualify for home care services. The system is rigged for everyone to make money at your expense. The doctor, the hospital corporation, the independent living center are all on the Medicare dole. If you qualify for 100 days and only need 14 they'll give you a major runaround about your departure date. It's not about the patient, it's about the medical corporation and it's political power over health care.

To the greatest extent possible say "NO" when your physician says they are going to transfer you to an assisted living facility. If you feel well enough to go home-GO HOME.

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Do you mean rehab or a hospice facility? Assisted livings are studio apartments where residents come and go as they please unless they have Dementia. ALs are not equipped to take on people that need LTCare. They assist.

Why was it suggested that your husband enter the facility.

We just had a thread on this. Not sure if the original poster came back to tell us how it worked out. Tell the facility you do not have the money to pay past the 20 days Medicare pays 100%. If you feel you can care for husband at home do it. If he was turned down for services at home, was it found he needed more care then HC can provide?

Medicare paying for care is based on the reports that the facility sends them. If Medicare determines its time for discharge, the patient is discharged. Medicare pays from day 1 to 20 100%, 21 to 100 50%. Supplimentals may pick up some of the cost but Mom always paid 150 a day. Her last stay I told them they better do what they had to in 20 days because she had no money for beyond that. She was out in 18.

You can always call your state Ombudsman to investigate. A doctor can discharge against Medical advice. I don't think that effects Medicare payments. Believe me, more will chime in.

Smartnow, sorry but I am confused by your posting. You mentioned assisted suicide in your title, yet the body of the post has to do with rehab/nursing home.

One thing to note, the majority of hospitals are non-profit. If one is in rehab/nursing home, Medicare does pay for the first 21 days, but note what Medicare pays is way below what another person pays who doesn't have Medicare.

Usually a patient will think they feel well enough to go home. I remember my Mom refused to let my Dad go to rehab/nursing home to get stronger after he had a heart attack. Poor Dad, he couldn't climb the stairs to his bedroom, so he slept on the recliner. His progress was painfully slow. It was months and months before he regained his strength even with physical therapy coming to the house.

Next time Dad needed rehab/nursing home, he went. Lesson learned from the last time, and my Mom agreed. In 21 days he was a new man, ready to go home and be as active as he could being in his late 80's.

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