My 91-year-old mother lived with us for 10 years and now has been in AL for 2 1/2 years. The AL facility seems to be going down hill & I have been thinking of moving her to a Memory Facility, looking for pointers. Physically she is pretty good but has fallen a few times, but recently at the AL some of her items have gone missing and I am getting frustrated replacing them. We write her room # on clothes & we have been receiving clothes from other floors. Her cell phone, tv remote, even the wreath on her door have gone missing. I even called the health department & Area Agency on Aging after I got word about Bed Bugs at the facility & I know that it doesn’t matter how clean you are, it’s the way the AL handled it  (very poorly). The residents were being put back into their rooms before being sure the bugs were gone. Fortunately mom is a little oblivious to what’s happening but I am getting really frustrated. She is on the Medicaid Waiver. Any support or suggestions are welcome.

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When we were considering placing my mother, she was evaluated, and qualified for Memory Care, rather than Assisted Living.

Have you met and spoken with the MC facility about requirements for admission? My understanding is that they don’t just admit just anyone. The patient needs to qualify.

My mother was not oriented to time, place, barely to herself, and was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.

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