N.H.'s Unpaid Senior Caregivers Face Emotional and Financial Stress. This is welcome news for those who have constant care of others in their house. Good to know there is some financial assistance for respite.

This was posted on NHPR, you can go to for the article

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Yesterday I had to do some research to find local providers and was surprised to discover how much information my county government provides. I knew it was active in the caregiving area, and knew there would be links to commercial providers, but had forgotten that some of the services are pretty basic and could assist homebound people.

I also learned, through contacting one agency, referred to another, etc., etc., I that the AAA now has a new program called Same Address, with consideration of keeping folks in their own homes.

It seems to be exactly as described, a "concierge" service which identifies contractors and can bundle services. I wasn't able to get much detailed information, such as exactly how far back background screening goes (3 years? 5 years??), so I think I would still prefer to do my own research and selection rather than take a turnkey recommendation from someone else.

But that approach may work for others, and I think it's worth mentioning.

Thanks for the heads-up. I found the article:

Here's the text of the proposed legislation introduced in the Senate:

I see that (commercial) care providers would be represented on the Advisory Council, adding a for profit aspect to the council. I'm not so sure this legislation would add much to what already exists - separate issue but thought I'd mention it as this legislation has been addressed elsewhere here.

But the NPR program offers insight into situations of people with their "canes on the ground", in the trenches and dealing with the issues.

The AAA in my area also has periodic articles to this effect, on real life situations, real people, not movie stars appearing on RLTV advising how they handle the situation with access to funds most of us probably will never have.

Thanks for sharing this.

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