Here's my story,
My wife went to Aspen Dental to get only upper dentures. That required pulling her upper teeth. She told Aspen from the start that she only wanted uppers. It was agreed.
The cost we was told was $3,800. We agreed and paid upfront total cost. We was told paid in full. My wife had an appointment the next following week to get her teeth pulled and impressions. I went with her and I waited in the lobby while they was working on her. About a hour went by a nurse came back to me in the lobby telling me come see your wifes new teeth. So, I did. Lord behold, my wife was so drugged up she was darn near out of her mind. Talking crazy like if stoned or high on drugs. She was so drugged up that I was shocked how drugged she was.
But, not as shocked from what I learned & found. My wife has top & bottom dentures. I looked at the nurse & doctor saying what's this? She only wanted uppers not lowers.The doctor told me that some how up front in the office they made a mistake and charged my wife for uppers & lowers they learned. Since your wifes bottom teeth was so bad we decided to pull them and give her lowers too since she already paid for them. I told them my wife didn't agree to this and that wasn't the agreement! They told me they talked to my wife while they was pulling her uppers. Humm, I said. My wife is all drugged up as not in her right mind and you people made an agreement like this? The reason at the start why my wife didn't want her lower teeth pulled is because, My wife was affraid to have her lowers pulled as all of her teeth pulled all at once to painful.But,they did it anyway. I was shocked. My wife went to the car crying afterwords in so much pain and shock.
After that we didn't attempt to take any further action.We thought what's done is done and move on. Weeks went by my wife had to go back to get her dentures adjusted. She did that a few times. Then, they told her to come back in 6 months for your permanent dentures. 6 months went by she went back to Aspen to get her permament dentures so she thought. They told her she has to pay another $1,200 in order to recieve her permament dentures. We was told we was paid up in full until this. We don't have another $1,200! My wife went storming out crying.
Hear we are 3 yrs later. My wife still doesn't have her permanent dentures. Is there any thing we can do legally to Aspen for all of this pain & suffering?

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I called a attorney about this and here is what he told me,
I have sued Aspen Dental once before and they took a very hard defensive line and eventually offered on $500 to settle. I am not interested in spending $50k worth of time to make no money. Sorry not interested in taking such a case.

Thanks pstegman,
I just talked to an attorney online today about this matter.He told me that Indiana has a 2 yr time limit on law suits for dentist. Isn't that something?
Aspen Dental scammed my wife for over $4,000. At the start Aspen & my Wife agreed to only upper dentures.We paid Aspen upfront $4,000.We was told paid in full.We took that money from our stock shares to pay for that at the time.When Aspen pulled my wife's uppers.They had her so drugged up it's not funny. I was shocked how drugged she was.I couldn't understand a word she would attempt to say and she didn't know what was going on.My wife told me before we walked into Aspen that morning prior of pulling the teeth.To make sure they only pull my uppers not my lowers.To make this short,I was waiting in the waiting room.The nurse came out to me telling me to come see your wife with her new teeth.I was shocked to see she had both tops & bottoms.I told the doctor and the nurse she didn't want lower dentures and didn't want her lower teeth pulled. Aspen told me that Aspen in the office made a mistake and charged my wife for both upper & lowers.Since,she paid for both upper & lowers they went ahead and did it. I always wondered why just uppers costed $4,000.6 months later my wife went back to Aspen thinking to recieve her permament dentures.But,in turn they now want another $1,200 for more impressions in order for her to receive her permanent dentures.
You and me talked about incompatent many times if you recall? If a person is drugged up on Meds as Aspen did to my wife. Isn't that incompatent? Legaly i feel my wife was incompatent to agree to anything at that time.I was their,Aspen never asked me to sign a thing for my wife's behalf knowing she was drugged up.So,looks like we can't do a thing about what Aspen did to us.Let others know this story about Aspen Dental please?Others need to know.
My Aunt's doing better today lol......

YES see a personal injury attorney ASAP

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