Reactions from those of you dealing with Alzheimer's behaviors?

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I'm not sure if Joyful is the term that I would use, but, I get the gist of the article. I believe they are encouraging family members to accept the dementia behavior, use humor to overcome frustration and try not to let the enormity of the diagnosis overwhelm you. I notice they steer clear of the more frustrating and heartbreaking, I'm not sure if it's all that accurate. Of course, there are moments of laughter and levity, but, they don't make up for the heartbreak and loss of abilities that cause so much disruption. This disruption is so massive....eventually, so that humor is not really appropriate most of the time. I mean, you do the best you can with what you have.....I get that.

I posted about this too,sorry I didn't see yours.

I agree with the commentariat.

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