Would you be willing to provide input about how you and your LO receive dialysis information and news (eg: advancements)?

Disclosure: The information gathered here is for one of my clients, a medical device company, that has an FDA-approved treatment option specific to AV fistula maintenance.

Your responses can help provide insight for how the company can better reach dialysis decision influencers about treatment options. Any input referenced to the company will be kept anonymous.

Who should provide input?

- Caregivers whose LO’s are dialysis patients (for a minimum of 6 months and longer)

- Caregivers whose LO’s on dialysis have an AV fistula

- Caregivers and LO’s who are US residents and are receiving dialysis in the US only.

Please provide input up to 5pm on Thursday, January 21st.

How do you and your LO currently receive information about dialysis?

__ Your LO’s dialysis tech
__ Your LO’s Nephrologist
__ Your LO’s Primary doctor
__ Your LO’s Vascular surgeon / interventionalist
__ From your dialysis center website (eg: or or hospital or clinic where your LO’s dialysis is performed
__ Social media (FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, other)
__ Self-education (you proactively search different sources and platforms for the latest information on behalf of your LO)
__ A home dialysis support group
__ National non-profit foundations or advocacy websites (like American Association of Kidney Patients; (Renal Support Network); etc.
__ Other (please be specific)

To provide input you can either PM me or respond below. I would prefer input be put below so that other forum participants can benefit from your responses.

Thank you for providing input!

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Becky04471, thank you so much for sharing your dialysis experience!

I have been on dialysis for one year. I receive all info from my nephrologist and my dialysis tech. I have my own equipment and do not use DaVita or Fresinus centers. I have had few problems with dialysis. I am in the nursing home right now (unrelated to dialysis) and my own equipment here and my tech comes to the NH for my treatments. it is very expensive to dialysis the way I have chosen, but I think worth the expense.

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