Statins, diuretics, and or any other nutrition draining substances should be discontinued if at all possible but of course only under doctors' supervision. Strong doses of sublingual and or injections of B12 should be administered immediately. Care should be taken that too much supplemental iron not be given. Preferrably, iron should be obtained from densely nutritious foods like one or more whole eggs every day plus lots of beans and beef broth.Most cases of anemia especially in the elderly are from B12 deficiency. B12 deficiency is extremely dangerously damaging to the whole body, but especially to the brain and nervous system.

I have never critisized anyone for using "Memory Care". I do sympathize greatly with people who develope problems that cause them to become dependent and to lose their freedoms. I thank God every day for my health, strenghth, freedom from pain, and freedom from meds.I never take theblessings I enjoy for granted.I do thank God that i have long term care insurance, but I also hope and pray I never have to use it.The ability to have mutually respectful reciprocal relationships; and to freely choose where and when and how i want to bathe, eat, dress,or where i do or do not want to go.I am concerned about the inept chaotic care provded in some very expensive "memory care" facilities.I hve no criticism of anyone. God bless everybody.

I do not and never ever ever have had any holistic approach co called. How and why could anyone possibly derive such an idea from any of my comments? I believe in and rely upon true science and good medical care. I believe in and rely upon good meds such as carefully chosen antibiotics prescribed by an excellent caring Dr. i do not believe in nor take any supplements other than sublingual B12 daily for the elderly and or for thosde with defective digestive systems.As I have repeatedly tried to clearly explain, I believe good pure clean real food is the very best medicine. I threw away prescriptions for lipitor, thiazide, and vicodin when i was 62. i researshed carefully befor doing so. All statins and diuretics draind nutrients from the body causing severe mentally and physically damaging malnutrition.All narcotics taken over time destroy the brain and nervous system. Daily old fashioned oats with fruit, nuts , and cinnamon will lower both blood pressure and cholesterol safely.Everybody and especially the elderlyshould eat one or more whole eggs daily and drink a quart of whole milk daily. Any with lactose problems could possibly eat yogurt instead f drinking milk.Everybody should eat lots of home grown and or organic berries, fruits, and veggies every day. Garlic, onions, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar are all very healing. Pure real maple syrup and or molasses are very healthy.There is absolutely o way anybody could be harmed by any of my very good advice. I have obtained my info from Readers digest medical books, Prevention magazine, and Mayo clinic publications starting back in1990 and continuing withe the latest in 2020.I do not know everything and neither do you.I would never recommend so called holistic living, vegetarian dieting, nor any kinds of rigid dieting and or health plans so called. Just eta only real true foor and avoid dangerous things like statins, narcotics, diuretics. or any strange or extreme supplementation. I take only sublingual B12. It can harm nobody. Other supplements may be good. However, I would be very cautious about trying them.Forgive my very bad typos. blessings to all

Midkid58, I just read BobbieSena's posting history. It was very enlightening.

BobbieSena, this message board was set up for caregivers. What is your experience in caregiving? I saw you criticized some family members for putting their loved ones in Memory Care decades ago.

Did you take care of your own parents or another loved one? A husband? Do you have children? What are your plans for your own aging (you are 86, after all)?

Mid Kid - great answer.

In all fairness, most people are barely able to take all the medications their docs prescribe, much less trying to get 'extras' on boards.

And, IMHO, doctors are playing it by the book, and most won't go out on a limb and prescribe huge vitamin dosages w/o a very thorough investigation--and they simply do not have time for that.

IF YOU, yourself, wanted to do supplements to your own regimen of meds/nutrition, go ahead. You really can't prescribe that for anyone else.

My SIL is a GI doc and one of his huge bugaboos are patients who come to see him, get their meds and instructions and then go out and do whatever the heck they wanted to in the first place. For example: a patient with cirrhosis of the liver is warned sternly that they MUST stop drinking alcohol, but almost never do.

I don't know where you are going to find a dr who is willing to 'learn' your approach to medicine. It would require almost weekly visits to the dr to ascertain that your holistic approach is working and not causing harm.

Curious--and I am not trying to be rude: where do you get your education & information about the things you post?

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