My father was removed from my parent's home by APS due to my mother and caregiver refusing to feed and medicate my father properly. My mother tried to kill my dad. My mother has been found to have diminished mental capacity. They live in Angelina County in Texas and I live in Jefferson County in Texas. I was informed that because APS is involved and from Angelina County, everything concerning guardianship will have to be done there. I can't afford to quit my job and leave my family behind to take care of this. My father needs to remain in the nursing home that APS put him in. Can't I move the guardianship to my county. I plan to move my parents close to me.

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I don't have any of these legal/technical answers for you, but I want to extend a warm hug and pat on the back. You are in an extremely difficult situation, and I wish you well.

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