Need advice on apps and services that help.

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So I was looking for some apps to use for keeping logs of my patients and also for my own driving. Every thing has been so outdated and some apps don't even exist anymore.

They had some good suggestions but wanted to get thoughts on what others were using and more specifically for calendaring and mileage tracking. Thank you.


Your profile states you're caring for someone in IL. How does that relate to your "patients"? Are you working with these patients independently or through an agency?

To other posters: don't click on the link. Norton ranks it with a question mark, meaning it's of questionable security.

I personally think your first choice would be how to protect the security of any patient information.
coinmr, I am of the old school. If ever I needed to go back for keeping information on clients, I would seek out a Day-Timer. Nope, it's not an app or something to use on a Smartphone device.... it's old fashioned paper in a nice leather cover. No need to recharge. No need to purchase apps. It can last forever, just purchase refills for the sections that you need :)

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