My husband has mild Dementia if you read my other feeds. I am getting closer to buying a house in Florida and I have to make sure they see nothing on the MRI scan. What if we got down there and we BOTH developed Dementia ? What a horrible thought. I have asked this question before but now it is becoming a reality. How can my husband and I move to FL with him having Mild Dementia? Would the doctor make sure he had enough meds to keep him stable on the road ? My Dementia group here said they would hook me up with a group in FL before I got there. Please tell me what you think. I ask him at different times of the day about moving and he still says YES he wants to go . No more snow, ice, cold weather and we would have the ocean to visit. Can anyone help with advice? Thank you

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"I have to make sure they see nothing on the MRI scan." Has a doctor agreed to this? Do you have symptoms you've discussed with a doctor? This is not like stopping in for throat culture in case you might have strep. It is a pretty expensive procedure. Also it is not conclusive about dementia. If something does show up, that could be a show-stopper, but if no problems show up your could still have a type of dementia that can't be spotted in an MRI, or at stage that doesn't show up yet. If a doctor agrees to it and insurance will pay for it, it may give you some peace of mind. Good luck!

I agree with ff -- living with someone who has dementia does make us question our own sanity! But generally it is high-stress,distractability, and empathy. I can understand that you'd like some reassurance before moving.

I assume you've had this move planned for a while and have made a careful decision after weighing the pros and cons. You might run through those decision-making factors again with the new knowledge of your husband's illness. Does that change anything, one way or another?

BTW, from things you have written I'm not sure I would describe your husband's dementia as "mild." It is early-stage, yes, but he seems to have some pretty severe symptoms. Maybe with drug therapy they can be managed to a "mild" level. Let's hope so!

Florida has a wealth of good cardiologists and gerontologists with vast experience treating the elderly. Medical would not be my concern. On the other hand, summers there are brutally hot. Taxes are low, but homeowners and flood insurance are astronomical. Electric and water rates are quite high. Community dues can be quite high. Get the whole picture and don't rely on the "gee we love it here" stuff you hear because sometimes the braggers are not telling you how much they miss friends and family.

Tarajane, my biggest concern is if hubby demands that he drive, or he tries to grab the steering wheel. Just saying that because of what you had written in the past regarding hubby wanting to drive to town. I would feel better if you had a friend go along with the both of you on the drive just in case you need some help.

I can understand your own concerns about yourself maybe getting memory issues. I think most of us who are dealing with a love one who has dementia/Alzheimer's feel like they are going downhill themselves. Chances are it's normal aging.... only we are noticing it more.... and then throw in stress into the mix and you're on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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