It lets me put all medications of me and my husband on it and the dosages, doctor's name, expiration and prescribed dates. It lets me put in the names, phone numbers, pharmacies and phone numbers and locations. It has a journal, calendar, contacts, notes, To-dos, photos and Files. I can carry all this information with me on my phone. I was looking at games for seniors and found this app. It didn't look like a game, but I checked it out and thought what a wonderful app for seniors! You can scan your medication bottles and update all information. You can also share this with others, public or not. If you have something like this, or want this app, get it and if you need help, have someone fill this information out for you and you will be happy you did.

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Fancicoffee, impressed that you are using a smartphone. Good for you :)

I am not into that type of new technology... was always the old fashioned physical paper information type of person. I have similar medical information typed out and printed small which I carry in my purse on one 3"x3" piece of paper. Doesn't cost me a dime and it needs no recharging :) But I know many people who have smartphones who love using them.

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