With my life " lived" as much as the character in the show who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, shouldn't a person have the right to do as she did?
If anything happens to either of us, again, there isn't anything left now to take away. Except our apartment from the survivor. So, one goes to the hospital & into the money vacuum, while the healthier packs it away? These diseases we have would have killed our parents. We were supposed to have a home. We did everything right , but get sick. We know what an eviction notice looks like. And a Federal bankruptcy judge in a huge room full of old folks seeking protection with their last $1000. From their 401K.
The pills are cheap. Neither of us will allow ourselves to be transported by emergency equipment, but would like meds to help with pain & anxiety.
Isn't that the right thing to do?

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Yes, I happened to see that show for the first time. My gosh, what an interesting subject matter of dying with dignity..... the show's Grandmother's decided when she wanted to die on her terms, when and where, while her grown son and his two grown sons argued about the subject. Of course, being a sit-com the writers had humor some of which caught me off guard. But I was glad the subject was presented.

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