Anyone else have a dementia "stasher" of pills, jewelry, or money? What crazy places has it been found in?

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My mom is a master stasher. I have found wedding ring in the q-tip box and yesterday looked for 24 hours a new rx of hers. I spend lots of time digging in the trash can. Found stuff in sugar bowl and pinned to her clothes in closet. What about you? Come on and give me a laugh!


After Grandad passed in 2002, we found a heavy box of real silver coins - about $500 worth as currency (lots of silver half dollars) - buried in the sawdust under the table saw in his garage. A few of them (we're Canadian) date back to King George V (Queen Elizabeth's grandfather). I'm kind of a history buff, so Mom gave the box to me. I haven't done anything with them except admire them.

Grandad didn't have dementia, but it was a funny place to find a box of money, so I thought I'd share. :-)
I still haven't found some valuables and it's been years. I now suspect that she gave them away before we discovered her dementia. I've looked real good, too.

I did find the cable box in the kitchen cupboard once. I'm not kidding. Of course, she told me that she didn't put it there. lol
I found the deeds to mother's house in among years of old holiday brochures which I was tipping in to the recycling bin. House, Holidays. Sort of filing mistake anyone could make, really. In 2007, that was, during Operation Paper Purge. I'm nearly over it.

We recently had a big search for the missing dentures. Looked in all the usual places. Under cushions. Under her pillow. In her chair. In her pockets. Nada.
I tipped her new recliner up and a stale bean taco fell out. No teeth.
On went the gloves and I went through all the garbage. She has a habit of wrapping her teeth in a napkin. I've almost thrown them away in the past. I knew they had to be somewhere but where??!!
Everyone in her care team looked. I kept saying they have to be here somewhere. New care taker three days later handed her a pair of flannel lined jeans to put on. Aunt always turns the hem up before she puts them on. Something hard in the hem turned out to be the teeth! They had been washed and dried and hung in the closet. A hole in the pocket was the problem. Saved my life is how I felt. I had been dreading the multiple trips to the dentist that I knew were in my future if we didn't find them. After they were found it almost seemed logical that they would be there in the pants. I had squeezed the pockets of all her clothes when searching. If I had put my hand in the pocket I'm not sure if the hole would have been enough to inform me to look further? I was grateful.
When my late Mom was in IL, she would unscrew flashlights, remove the batteries and refill them with jewelry & wadded up $. For more fun in this, she had several flashlights hanging from door handles throughout the IL apt & yeah she filled all. Discovered this when looking under her bed for a missing earring and couldn’t get flashlight to work.

Ages ago a dear friends dad died (hit his head while lighting heater, passed out w/concussion and found dead days later), & while clearing out the stacks & stacks of books, one fell from high shelf and an old $20 sailed out...... we literally froze, stopped & reopened all packed boxes. Oodles of old cash, he figured it was probably his mom who hid the $ as there was $ hidden in sewing pattern envelopes too. She died in 1970’s and his dad pretty well left house just as if she was still there.
My friend told me she is hiding money in the pages of books.
I love these stories! Keep them coming. I'm feeling like I'm not alone its like a carnival of stories, Happiness on a stick!
We once found a large wad of cash stashed behind the phone in the kitchen. We had looked everywhere for it! ( it was gambling money dad was "in charge of" at the casino!) My folks stashed cash everywhere,, and I knew a lot of the places.. but when they suddenly had to move in with me,,I searched the house before bringing dad here. I found thousands! My friend had come to help me move dad,, on the way home I told her if I wrecked.. grab the money bag first!!
I wish I could find the stash location! My husband and I, along with the companion who comes in 18 hours a week, would love to know where a cordless phone, a driver's license, cash, disabled placards, litter-robot instructions, show tickets, an insurance renewal questionnaire, etc. have disappeared to! Until I find the stash, I just consider her apartment to be a big black hole!
If Mom is hiding medication it's time for you to take over. Use a locked drawer or box. With my Mom we were able to put them on a shelf above her head and nephew gave her the meds. A friend's husband put his wallet in his pants pocket and hung them over a chair every night. One morning he came to his wife and said he lost his pants. She looked everywhere. The stove, the microwave, etc. She finally found them way under the mattress of his bed. By that time she had told him that without his keys and license he couldn't drive so she hid the wallet.

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