I'm 23 years old and I care for my grandmother with dementia full-time. If so, how do you cope and how are you finding balancing full time care and a social life?

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I'm 19 and for the past 8 months I've been taking care of my mom who has cancer and is spiraling downwards. I have to fight tooth and nail with my grandma to have her watch my mother. Do you have any relatives willing to watch her for a few hours while you go out with friends? Or maybe see about having a volunteer come to your house and sit with her for a while. I know a few hours never seems like enough, but it's better than nothing. Maybe look into a respite care center in your area for a longer break.

Hello! I understand what you mean.

I believe a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)’s help might be necessary in your situation. A CNA provide various cares to residents and patients ensuring privacy, support and comfort.
I am a CNA and Cardiopulmonary (CPR) certified, majoring in nursing at Tallahassee Community College. I am confident my knowledge, skills and qualifications would be very beneficial to you. I have a very flexible schedule and would be willing to work with you, if you ever consider it or knows someone who does. You may contact me for resume and/or further information.
I wish you all the best with your grandmother!
Aphline W.

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