Are there any positive sibling stories?


I noticed a plethora of family and sibling conflict postings. I understand why there is conflict, but I wonder if there are any good/happy stories.

Has your family stepped up to the plate during this time of crises? Have you been able to reconnect with our sibling? Have you opened a line of communication that had been previously closed? Have you strengthened your bond or developed a new respect for a sibling?

Please give us hope by sharing your story.

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My sis and I get into arguments from time to time because we are opposites in how we see things and are values are different. Overall we are working together to provide care for our mother. My brother helps with some of the repairs but he has a health issue that has progressed so I prefer not to have him help but he would if I asked him to. He has a lung disease and easily gets out of breath. He visits mom, does the best he can under the circumstances. Even when he was able to help more and didn't, he has always been very supportive and I value that because I know he is dealing with our mom's decline in his own way, different that me and different than my sister. I have another brother who lives out of state and he estranged himself from all of us when he moved. Why, because he can't let go of the past, our childhood, his resentment that one sib got something he didn't. Sibling rivalry can play a big role in disputes with siblings long into adulthood.

There are positive sibling stories, when my dad was sick we all stepped up and took care of him. While in the nursing home one of us was with him 24/7, we took turns spending the night so he was never alone and we knew his needs were being met. We took him home for the last 2 weeks of his life and again we were there with him and our mother 24/7. No one complained, it was an honor to take care of him and walk with him on his final journey. There are 5 of us, 4 boys and me the only daughter. I was the lead caregiver which was fine because my brothers and their wives were there and helped with all of his care. We all do the same for our mom, she is still a very healthy 84yr old but she misses my dad so she will have dinner at our homes several nights a week and when the time comes that she cannot live alone she will come and live with me and we will all be there just as we were for our dad. I read the stories here and it breaks my heart that families fight the way they do and one is left to take care of the parent with no help from the other siblings, my brothers, myself and our families are very close so I am very lucky and know that both my parents were and will be taken care of with lots of love.

I give my vote to "NO" there seems to always be conflict....nothing ever seems to go right...good luck

I have. My brother is 7 1/2 yrs older than me, so we were never very close growing up just because of the age difference.

My brother lives 1100 miles away from us. When we moved in with Mom, we bought a house that had not only a spare bedroom/den, but a casita that is really nice for long term guests. My brother comes down at least once a year, usually twice, not only to visit, but to give my husband and me some time off. In addition to that, he keeps a spare bedroom at his place for Mom, and we go up there for several weeks to a month in the summer (I stay with my daughter and grandkids).

All of this time that we are spending together as adults has taught me one thing: my brother is a good, caring man. He has helped not only my mother, but me. He has a great sense of humor. Both my brother and I hope that my mother lives long enough to spend all her money, while enjoying it immensely.

I never had the opportunity to know my brother until I started taking care of my mother. That has been a definite bonus. I treasure the bond we have developed.

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