Hey guyss .. im 13 years old and i really wanna help my mom get threw this anixiety it gets worser everyday she cant be left alone half the time she always goes to sleep 7:30-8:30 or even 6 she really cant do many things anymore she passes out we lay her on the bed . Her eyes roll out she never has any energy to do nothing i pray every night for her to get better and it just kills me that every night i see her in bed with pills going down her system .. and she passes out .. anywhere i dont want her to die .. its really hard seeing her threw this . . I wanna help her everytime she has a attack .. instead of her laying in bed for a really long time for her to gain energy back i wanna help my mom get threw this i cry every night praying to god shes ganna be fine . Is there any way i can help her when she passes out ? And is tgere anyway i can help her where ,she can gain her energy back faster i just need something please ? Thank you ..

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