THE; antisocial hijack on everclear thread...


Get in touch with your derogatory side here ;

do you hate religion ? hate athiests ? agnostics ? gays ? hetero's ? repubs ? democrats ? commies ? men ? women ? employers ? employees ?
do you hate everybody but yourself ? do you hate yourself ?
old people , young people , baby seals ?
have a piece of coconut cream pie and share it with me .
bring your own fork , this aint the tokyo sheridan .
i hate the tokyo sheridan SO much . i hope termites eat the bamboo framed sob ..

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i thought obama was quite the visionary when he first took office but time has taken its toll . ive hears enough " hug a homo / bi / trans person to last me a lifetime .
that isnt much of a legacy considering how many truly dangerous problems the world is faced with today .
i havent heard the first word about hugging a caucasion male ( or female ) .
fk that implant ..

the try n sav ad for the last 20 days has been an obese welfare recipients greatest dream . no unprepared food . only boxed , sugar dripping , bbq ; d soylent .
i just wont buy from them again till they mark the bulk staples down .
i bought rapeseed oil and . 99 cent pork chops and went on my way .
yea , we call it canola oil but that doesnt change the facts ..
americans arent the masters of business . they are the masters of spinning terminology .
that in itself isnt a legit product and i think it will unravel by its own shoddy design .
the BRIC's financial conglomerate has more than a few american thugs quaking in their boots ..
america , traditionally has financially enslave not only its own population but that of its faux empire .
it cant unravel soon enough to suit me ..

veronica , when you see 1500 acres clear cut when the largest tree is 6 inches in diameter you know dam well its being harvested for food filler . it used to be called cellulose and a loaf of bread could contain 26 % or more of it . now that the public has gotten hip to " cellulose " , theyve dimmed the terminology down to something akin to fraud ..
i dont really care , i would just rather the ingredients read " saplings " . then its my choice whether to ingest it or not ..

i think the moderators try to utilize a program to clean up foul language . i guess i understand that but i think its rather 19 th century .
words never hurt anyone .
ive mentioned it before on here . i work for the public and based on my crude appearance alone ,, some contacts will talk like sailors and racists because they feel ok doing it around me . its rather comforting as we can say things that have been deemed " verboten " by obama and his pack of PC socialists .
i dont have to like you , you dont have to like me ..
that doesnt mean we cant co exist .
i just bought mason sand from a young fellow two days ago . he mentioned the millionaire he worked for and criticized his love of money . he said if he were wealthy he would be found on a tropical island getting trashed and patronizing the hors , not working 20 hrs a day to obtain more wealth .
i find nothing improper about the young guys attitude and in fact feel flattered that he considered me good company to share that with .
i dont like being corralled in the name of political correctness ..

WTF? I think the site editors are playing games with us, I lost that post twice this morning due to invalid characters. &^%$#@()+=|\{}[]~` arrrgh!!

OK, this morning when I tried to write the word b$%ches the site wouldn't let me do it, so if there ever was a thread to test my cussing skills this is it! @#$%^&*!!

Veronica - you're not alone on the onions. I tried that myself. It was like cutting onions with the onions right under your nose - for hours....and hours....and after slicing and drying 4 whole onions, the result was only enough to fill a quart mason jar. Kind of disappointing.

Someone told me to put the dehydrator outside. Riiight. And then it would rain, with my luck. LOL

I am really sick and tired of listening to election talk. I was trying to listen to sports radio today and all I heard was stupid sh!t I really do not care about. I do not want a border wall and I really do not care what bathroom a person uses. Sometimes I feel like my intelligence is questioned when I am constantly listening to garbage.

Hey Capt last week I opened my first canned bacon and it tasted fine on a pizza.
I have tried all kinds of things like the bacon and some cheese. Changes the texture but perfectly useable. Tried drying quite a lot too. I was amazed at how little is the result of drying. One thing I will never do in the house again is dry onions.
I hear that manufacturers are allowed to put wood pulp in food. they call it fiber. so you are right everything in your Thieve a Lot is locally grown.

look into modern break action pellet rifles . they are only single shot but quite powerful .
its freaky walking thru our sav a lot store . 99 % of the food is packaged up ready to eat stuff . dripping with corn syrup and salt . if you look around here in central indiana all you see is corn , soy beans , and trees . its logical to believe that thats what the processed food consists of .
everything seems to have two claims . ie ; banana nut , orange pineapple , butter maple , etc . i always wryly comment to myself thats its likely neither .

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