So today my cousin went to her apartment this Am to see if she needed any groceries and got the same rant as yesterday: she couldn’t get the bra on, telling her she moved all her clothing around so she couldn’t find it, etc. she told her she needed to take a shower today as well and my cousin could not find one towel or washcloth, so not sure what happened there. My cousin threatened to call the ambulance and did, but unfortunately they were all out at a motor vehicle accident and the 911 operator told her it could be a little while til they got someone there. So then she felt bad and said she would call back if she couldn’t get things under control. So now it seems like she’s ruling us. She of course went nuts when she heard the word ambulance coming for her and someone from the apartment building showed up to see what was going on. Neither of us feel comfortable trying to transport her in our own vehicles, so we’ve sort of made up our mind the ambulance is coming tomorrow like it or not. It def seems like she’s got a UTI or something going on, but she ended up locking my cousin out of her apartment. I swear you cannot make this stuff up but people look at us like we have 3 heads when we tell them what is going on.

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I say do the ER. Call the Social Worker at once when you get there. Say that there will need to be placement and discharge planning started at once because she is not safe any longer without same. You need to be there for the Ambulance. Say that she isn't herself and needs immediate care and assessment. That will likely thrown her over the post and she will go off. The better to get her in, assessed, tested, and placement started. This will come to a head sooner rather than later no matter HOW long you wait, and do know if she isn't diagnosed and it IS a UTI she would well be dead of sepsis from the dawdling about and trying to handle all this.
Sure do wish you the best of luck. Hope you'll update us when she is in care.

Even if it’s a uti, it is over. Have her placed

Yes, either call 911, or APS asap. A professional needs to see her and see what is going on.

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