A great announcement about Aid and Attendance.

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Just wanted to celebrate with some of you that will appreciate how much this means! My dad was just awarded the maximum (1758) per month Aid and Attendance after only 3 months!! He is 92 and the letter states first payment will be made in June and the reimbursement will occur "over time" (whatever that means, I don't care). I can now pay his ALA bill! He is 92, so there is a special request they put in... word of advise..i did go directly to the veterans dept to do this. An insurance salesman tried to sell me something but I caught on at the last minute and was able to find out the truth, which is DONT buy insurance. Don't pay for help to get this special "war soldiers" benefit!


That's wonder Linda! Not knowing much about that benefit, when I inquired a few years back, I was told that because my father (WWII Vet that was in Japan during the war) owned his own home and had a second vehicle, would not be approved.
Maybe there was another way but... You don't know what you don't know. In any event my sister and I lost a lot of income while caring for our father, 24/7 for a few years. I wonder if it is possible to re-coup some of it?
WONDERFUL Linda, WONDERFUL! I must keep my fingers from running so far ahead of my thoughts! Too many typos....:)
So happy to hear your good news!
Three months is some kind of new world-record turn around for the VA. Congratulations!!!
I know, pamsteqman! when I drove the paperwork to the veteran agency and handed it to him personally, I said "please make sure this is perfect because I really need an A plus (okay so im a type b personality!) He said I forgot to cross one t, but other than that, it was an A and that he had set it as a priority because of being over 90. I guess it didn't hurt that we knew some ex-veterans administration people that we called just in case it mattered. who knows? man, surprised me! whooohooo! I am still heaving sighs of relief. at 65, I cant afford to spend my retirement money (boy, don't we all know how that goes?)
Congratulations!! It is so great to hear such news. The VA benefits for my mom have been a blessing. I share your joy.
Awesome!! You gave me and I am sure many others a ray of hope!!

Happy for you!...it is hard enough without all the added stress (BS)
I KNOW! I think I have the record! I met two women tonight at the ALA...one had taken 2 years! one had taken 8 months. Mine in 3 months is almost a record! whew...
I stopped in at local VA office Wednesday and the cutoff I was told for benefits was $80 K in assets. I was also told the VA does not inquire like Medicare does as who the assets get drawn to that amount.
My mom does not receive a VA pension. My father was a veteran. Would she qualify for aid and attendance? She gets @ 2300 per month ss and retirement funds

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