My boy friend has a father that is in an assisted living center in one of two facitilies that is funded by the Veterans Administration / Medicaid. It is very nice facility, a large studio with a kitchen. The issue is that the father has demetia, anger issues, diabetes and prostrate cancer. He often gets dehydrated and falls and is rushed to the hospital. The Assisted Living Center has an agreement with my boyfriend that he is on call 24 hours or the father can't stay. The father my boyfriend suspects has gotten a bit manipulative so that he is constantly available and unable to take any time off. This has been going on for 6 years. My boyfriend initially looked at a variety of nursing homes and they were in either poor condition or would not take anger issues. His father has no assets and is completely supported by the VA and medicaid. He is a Veteran. We are at a loss at what to do -the father has taken over my boyfriend's life and he doesn't know any other alternative. The stress is wearing on him in addition to his very stressful job. He isn't sleeping or eating well and hasn't in a long time.

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