I just want each and everyone who is a caregiver to know there are angels all around you. I HAVE to believe this as there are days I don't think I can get thru it all. Today was one of "those" days. To all of you who don't feel appreciated or thanked enough, who are in despair when the going gets too tough for words, when you don't think you can go on another day and you are truly bone weary, just know I appreciate all you do!! What you put out on the universe is what you get back and all of you who don't think your family cares and you don't get the appreciation you deserve when you don't even ask for it - there are other caregivers out here like me who want you to know you are special people, you are loved and I wish all of you strength, peace and respite when you can get it.

Bless you all. You are all earth angels, please know this!! HUGS

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