Some stated she wants 2. I understand that even if a patient has dementia they also have rights. I also know it is all in the language how you express yourself. Sad when caregivers don't understand. A battle between Quality of care for patients vs Quality of comfort for caregiver.

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CWillie, I bow to your greater expertise. I wasn't sure what point the OP was trying to make.

Them's fightin' word Barb! 🤣
Every time this comes up experienced caregivers agree that using 2 incontinence products can not work because they all have a moisture proof backing, therefore the only way for anything to reach the outer product is if it overflows around the edges. The only way for this to work would be to slash the backing of the inner product, which is not as efficient as simply buying a more absorbent brand.

But speaking to the point I think the OP is trying to make, that doesn't mean you don't have to check on your charge through the night and change them if necessary, but better products do make for less work from wet or soiled clothes and linens.

Some caregivers here find that 2 Depends work well, especially for overnight.

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