My father has Parkinson's and resides at a private facility with my mother (no care plan needed). Dad's care plan allows for 10.5 hours of assistance a week; he receives daily showers and dressing assistance once a day. Dad has Parkinsons and was falling; the therapist taught him how to recover from falls and his ISP allows him to recover by himself when uninjured.

These daily showers and dressing have averaged 18 minutes per day over the last 70 days; I questioned the time allocations for each task since his plan of care was based on these tasks. These tasks total a little over 2 hours each week..what about the rest of the time? Also, we were recently informed that he should have been informing them of all his falls, injured or not.

I went in for a care meeting for dad yesterday, but the Exec Director asked to meet with me first. I am the primary contact and POA for them, but both are of the mental capacity to take care of their own affairs. Parkinsons has taken dad's speech, but his mind is sharp as a tact and he manages his financial affairs, medications, etc. In this private meeting the Executive Director informed me they could no longer meet dad's needs due to his falls, and not informing them of same. We have contended for months that the carpets in the unit were contributing to his falls as they were slippery. Nothing was being done. I even asked to talk with corporate folks to obtain answers on the time allocations of tasks, the substantial staff turnover at the facility over the past year and the condition of the carpets. They would not let me meet with Corporate when they were in town this week.

Long story short..they gave me a 30 day notice of Lease Termination yesterday and I was the one to deliver the blow to my parents. They were too cowardly to bring this up in a meeting with the three of us, but laid the responsibility on me alone to tell them they were being kicked out.

How do I complain to the state licensing board in Virginia? My Elder Attorney advised me not to put too much time and attention into defending my parents and preventing them from being kicked out - it's a private facility and they can terminate for whatever reason they want. I guess I asked questions that hit nerves..and my parents pay the price.

Has anyone dealt with similar issues?

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