When she does not realize that the masses don't have her income!
This is an article written by Joan London, the newscaster. It is about her plight to find good care for her mom. What she seems to have failed to recognize is that 99% of us do not have the luxury of a huge bank account to insure the best care of our loved ones. That is really evident in the opinion posts following her attempt to make US all gleam helpful insight from her article on " Living for loved ones the 'new normal' for boomers "
I am sure that she was trying to be helpful but she REALLY missed the reality of what taking care of a senior parent actually is on a limited resource.

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I had the same reaction, navymom. The majority of us don't live in a "money is no object" universe, so celebrity advice is worse than useless.

There was also a book a while back by some doctor (or psychiatrist?) who took care of his mother at his home through the end stages of Alzheimer's disease and found the experience so rewarding that he declared that "We should be a nation of caregivers." PS, this guy had round the clock nursing for his Mom. He was able to limit himself to sitting by her bedside holding her hand (when he was home in the evenings after work and didn't have any other plans). Another situation that has no comparison to the way most family caregivers live and yet he felt free to proclaim that everyone should devote themselves to years of caregiving. Total bulls''t!!!

I skimmed the article and got that she was promoting her new book.... Glad she worked something out for her mom, but it's a no brainier that having money makes finding the perfect place easy...

The article is good for a laugh. And I suppose she does have peers who might be able to relate to her situation.

One very good point in the article was that someone who is not doing the hands-on caregiving is often clueless about what the real needs are. Being the one with the money does not equate to being the one who should make the decisions.

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