A show on tv called Switched At Birth gave the main character's mom the diagnosis of Alzheimer's. The mom announced that she was going to move to France to live out the rest of her life because now time was of the essence.

I thought they missed a great opportunity to give better awareness of what is to come with this disease and could have had the mother move in with them or be close by and have her go through the stages.

While I understand the sentiment of going off into the sunset to appreciate the last few golden years, its not most likely practical or even doable. My mother is stage 4, slipping into 5 and cannot live alone, never mind in a strange country far from family.

I was thinking that maybe if we all wrote into ABC Family site and asked that they try to portray Alzheimer's as a topic to learn from, not run away from, that maybe they would listen since they do tackle sensitive topics like date rape, death, etc.

Just a thought. thanks.

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