I care for an 89 year old mother with Alzheimer's. She's not at the point yet where she craps in her pants and can't even feed herself, but it's still a daily, depressing grind for me. Today, for whatever reason, she was semi-lucid. I made her laugh. Things were almost normal. She remembered stuff from long ago and we had a good day. For me, it felt like I could catch my breath for a few hours. An oasis of relief in a desert of pain. And then for no reason I could understand....she suddenly went back into her Zombie mode and I felt viciously kicked in the teeth...again. Alzheimer's must have been created by Satan. You look so hard for a glimmer of hope, of the parent you once knew, and you see some signs and become hopeful, and then this disease slams your head into the pavement (again)..

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Dunwoody, Care giving is a very emotional thing to do If it was me I would educate myself about Alzheimer's, every single stage of it. I know that people with this illness have shorter & shorter periods of being who they used to be until that person doesn't come back at all one day. Please don't put yourself out there for a big let down, take the good times when they happen you will treasure those memories, and educate yourself especially about the why, how & when the bad times come just prepare yourself, treasure the good be prepared for the bad, because other than that there is nothing you can do to make it stop. :-)

So sorry, Steve:( We don't know what to expect. As with a few other situations, such as anticipating traffic at a certain time of day that I Must drive to LA, or adding up the monthly bills, what I have learned to do has become a motto. A bit of a negative one, and not one I use for life in general, but just the crappiest stuffs
"Expect the worst. If the mediocre happens, rejoice."
Yea, it could almost be the A/D caregiver's official slogan.
You are awesome, so funny, creative, and compassionate. You may be tired along with the unexpected 180 by your Mom. Whatever-- you can say that, too!
Sometimes I just yell out " What the F--- Everrrrrrr." Try it:) heehee
Anyway, we adore you and appreciate you! xoxo

Alzheimer's is a HORRIBLE disease! For years mother became this happy, funny person who joked and laughed and was happy with the people around her. Unfortunately, that wasn't the person she was before or after that time. Today she was morose and uncommunicative. She refused to answer when asked a question, spit out her medicine, then spit on the floor when my back was turned. She only ate a very little bit today... most of the time she refused to eat... she is losing weight rapidly, but Hospice says she isn't getting worse fast enough to qualify for their service.

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