Whatever you brand the disease, they affect the brain..They will effect different parts of the brain, which in effect, affects different parts of the body, personality, and soul of that person. People react to these diseases differently... be patient, don't be quick to judge, and filter through the suggestions, comments and other responses that best fits your needs. I AM A SLOW LEARNER, BUT I DO KNOW I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE IN THIS BOAT !!! Do what is best for your situation and the one you are caring for... LOVE PATIENCE TOLERANCE, AND KNOWLEDGE, do pop in the facility your loved one is in, do record if you think it is necessary, do bring in goodies for staff, roommates, etc,. make the best of the place, if you can. I do bring in extra snacks for the facility when I can, or if I remember, caretakers and residents to appreciate the little things.....Ask fif anyone needs anything. Anything..The last time they told me they ran out of toilet paper..REALLY? I was quick to respond with a 24 pack of TP....They all appreciated it - I AM SURE.... :)

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