Hospice is in place for my mother - this is the second week (8 Dec 2015). We are using Connecticut Hospice, the first hospice provider in the USA. The suggestion was made to me only about three weeks ago. It's a pretty speedy process. I called her PCP's office and asked for a referral. They immediately called an outside home healthcare service to send a nurse for a preliminary evaluation.

She made her determination and then the doctor made the referral to CT Hospice and their admissions nurse came over that very Saturday. I have since met several nurses (including the one who will be my mother's regular weekly visiting nurse), the social worker assigned to us, and two home health aids.

They ask what I need and offer what they realize will be useful even if I don't know to ask for it. There is no huge bureaucracy! They care about my mother and about me.

Sounds easy, right? Emotions don't behave. Part of me us thrilled and relieved that I am doing the right thing. That's the intellect. The emotional part wonders if I'm pushing her too fast. Of course I'm not, but emotions are not logical. (Hospice wouldn't take her on if they did not think she was ready. Even if she might rally later.)

I have signed the DNR order. Her prescriptions are not being renewed. I am continuing with homeopathic and naturopathic remedies.

There really are more choices for at home hospice than for at hospice facility care. I'm glad I am doing this. My emotions are calming down, especially after talking with a friend from the local chapter of the Alzheimers Association.

Are you considering hospice for your loved one? Have you gone that route (and if so, what were your experiences?)?

Thank you for adding your thoughts.

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My mother's hospice nurse is the best. His attitude is upbeat, funny, bright, and he makes my mother smile. He is also intelligent, caring, highly skilled and on top of things!

My mother's morning hospice aid is skilled, kind, engages with my mother, kind to me...

I am so grateful for Connecticut Hospice.

Windyridge, I think this is an aspect of caregiving that needs more "publicity." Thankyou for being a volunteer!

PCVS, thanks for your informative comments on hospice. It's good for people to see how the process works. I do some volunteer work with a hospice organization in MI. It's been a great experience. There's so much misunderstanding out there about what hospice is and how it works.

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